Hobgoblin Ruby Beer

About a week or so ago I tried Wychcraft Blonde beer from the Wychwood Brewery and I thought it was pretty good.HobgoblinHowever, that wasn’t the first time that I came across a beer from the Wychwood Brewery. Actually, I was told about Hobgoblin almost immediately after arriving in England. My first thought was that I really wanted to try it simply because of the name. I mean “Hobgoblin” just sounds like a bad ass name for a beer.

According to the Wychwood Brewery website

Hobgoblin is strong in roasted malt with a moderate hoppy bitterness and slight fruity character that lasts through to the end.

The ruby red coloured Hobgoblin is full-bodied and has a delicious chocolate toffee malt flavour balanced with a rounded moderate bitterness and an overall fruity character.

I would say that this Wychwood beer is probably the easiest and most popular beer to get a hold that they make. I have seen Hobgoblin at just about every marketplace where beer is sold. However, I have had to do some looking around to get my hands on the other types of Wychwood brews.

I thought Hobgoblin was pretty good and I have now had it several more times. I am still sticking with the Wychcraft Blonde in terms of taste, but I plan on tasting many more beers from this brewery so stick around.


Serving Type: 500 ml bottle

ABV  (Alcohol By Volume): 5.2%