Lucky Beer

LuckyI was looking for a new beer to try the other day and just happened to catch a glimpse of a rather unique looking bottle. Being the curious fello that I am, I immediately snagged one off the shelf to read the name. To my surprise the bottle had a rather small label that said only the word “Lucky”. With a name like that, I had to try it out.

Lucky Beer is an Asian style lager made by the Lucky Drink Company and as far as I can tell is made in China. I have seen some other websites that state that this beer was made in Australia but I believe it was previously brewed in Australia and maybe outsourced to China. The luckydrinkco website states that it is made in China so I will go with that for now.

The unique design of the bottle is actually a seated laughing Buddha holding a large gold ingot above his head. According to their website Lucky beer is

A fusion of rice flakes, malted barley and Qingdao hops, Lucky Beer has a light aroma of hops with nuances of honey and malt; the precursor to a clean, silky, refreshing finish.

Overall I thought that Lucky Beer was kind of watery tasting but not bad. It isn’t one of my favorites but it isn’t terrible either. I think the cool bottle design is worth trying it out at least once.


Serving Type: 330 ml Bottle

ABV  (Alcohol By Volume): 4.8%