Monthly Archives: May 2011

Visiting Amsterdam, Netherlands

The three of us decided to take a little trip to visit the capital city of Netherlands in early March. This was my second time visiting Amsterdam and it is amazing how different it was. The first time I visited Amsterdam I was twenty and traveled with three of my good friends. Imagine the kind of trouble a bunch of twenty somethings can get themselves into in Amsterdam. This time however, I was visiting Amsterdam as a parent with my wife and 15 month old son. Although the experience was drastically different, Amsterdam was still enjoyable and offered plenty to see and do.

It has been a while since I last updated this blog primarily due to concentrating my efforts on completing the last couple of classes for my degree and pure laziness.

Lets get back to Amsterdam. The weather was a little chilly throughout the five days we spent in Amsterdam, but we made the most of it. Before traveling I did some research and found a lot of sites listing Amsterdam as a heavy pickpocket city. However, I think if you travel smartly then you should have no worries. We had a pushchair/stroller and a 15 month old and did not run into any issues.

Throughout our five days we visited many of the popular tourist destinations, like the Van Gogh museum, Anne Frank museum, flower market, took a stroll through de wallen (Red Light District), ate frites galore, and took a canal cruise. We bought a 72 hour travel card and basically ended up walking and riding trams all around the city, stopping to enjoy some shopping and fine dutch cuisine.

All in all we had a wonderful time during our five days in Amsterdam. We both agreed that Amsterdam offers plenty of vices for those willing to partake.