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Schmap Honolulu Eighth Edition: Photo Inclusion

I recently received an email stating that one of my photos had been selected for inclusion on for a Honolulu photo guide. First of all, what the hell is Well, I checked out their website and apparently this is what they are all about:

Schmap is a leading publisher of digital travel guides for 200 destinations throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. More than 90 million Schmap Guides have been downloaded since first release in March 2006: this phenomenally popular series can also be browsed online, with versions optimized for iPhone and Nokia users

The innovative technology behind Schmap Guides lets end users publish schmaps (to share trip itineraries, local reviews and more), and powers a popular range of Schmap Widgets, syndicating more than 6 million maps a month – together with content and event schedules for travel, sports and concert tours – to a fast-growing network of websites and blogs.

The company’s latest releases, Schmap Enable and, go to the heart of the current mobile Internet revolution, allowing websites and end users to share mobile friendly maps with their visitors.

Schmap’s rollout has earned a plethora of favorable reviews, with media accolades including TIME, Washington Post, International Herald Tribune, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, PC World, CNET News, Lifehacker and TechCrunch.

Founded in 2004, Schmap is privately owned and based in Carrboro, North Carolina.

After checking it out, I think it looks a lot like Mapquest with interactive guides and photo’s. It is actually brilliant advertising on their end because they get me to write a blog and link to their website because one of my photos made it into their guides. I suppose we are both using each other because my name ends up on their website next to my picture.

The picture is of the Bowfin Memorial Park at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii . I took it this summer when my wife and I vacationed in Honolulu for about a week. Here is a look at it as it appeared on Schmap.


You can also check out the actual page by going here.