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Jreck Subs

My wife and I grew up in Northern New York so we both know that there is only one place to go when we are craving a sub. The magical sub shop we have both eaten for years and grew up with is Jreck Subs . Jrecks is a popular sub shop that many people from this area will testify is ten times better then any sub shop around, including Subway.

Jreck Subs was started in 1967 by five school teachers from Carthage Central School here in Northern New York. The name Jreck was created by combining the first letters of the five creators names. Their motto,

A Meal for Your Money – not a snack

is definitely not an understatement by any means. The really pack it on thick.

The thing that makes Jreck Subs so great is their bread. The bread is delivered daily so you know it is fresh and has a taste that is just addicting. Their prices are fair and the food is just great. I should know, I have eaten there about four times in the past two weeks since I have been home. I guess I will try to get as much of it as possible before moving away for another three years.

They have quite the selection of subs which are offered on the menu as either hot or cold. Another great thing and probably the icing on the cake is their fast and friendly service. You really cant beat it!

If you are in New York and happen to stumble upon a Jreck Subs, check it out for yourself and experience what I have loved for years.