Monthly Archives: August 2009

Still no Internet

I wonder how people communicated before the Internet. For us, it will be at least another week or so before our ISP hooks our Internet connection up at our house. I signed up with BT Broadband about a week or two ago and cant understand why its going to take a month to hook up an ADSL connection. In the mean time, we travel to our local library to use their free Internet.

I miss the speed of a direct fiber connection that we gave up when we left Okinawa and the incredible work ethic of the Japanese. No way the Japanese would let me sit around for a month without connectivity…no way!

Hopefully September will be the month we can continuously update our facebooks/mypsaces and talk on VOIP again. Because I don’t know how else it would be possible for two people to communicate without the Internet.

Wait, I just thought of a brilliant way to communicate with our geographically challenged friends and family…smoke signals! That will definitely work for sure.