Wychcraft Blonde Beer

I noticed a couple different offerings from Wychwood Brewery at my local Tescos and thought that I would give this English pale ale a try. So I picked up a 500 ml bottle and headed back to the house to give it a taste test.Wychcraft

As first glance the Wychcraft Blonde beer pours a clear golden amber color and has an apricot and biscuity aroma. The taste was a smooth medium body that tasted much like what it smelled like. The finish was a fruity apricot sweetness and hop flavor with earthy undertones.

Overall I thought this was a beer I could see drinking three or four and not thinking twice. Because of its availability I would recommend this to people in the Oxfordshire area.

This is my fifth or sixth review and I have decided to start incorporating alcohol percentages in the information in my reviews for future reference. I suppose this that I will start with this beer first.


Serving Type: 500 ml bottle

ABV  (Alcohol By Volume): 4.5%