Shock Top Belgian White

Shock Top Belgian White is a Belgian style wheat ale produced by the Michelob Brewing Company. Recently I have been tasting quite a few Belgian style wheat ales and I must say that for not knowing much about beer,  I am really enjoying this style of beer. shockSo, when I saw this beer the other day I thought that I would give it a taste.

The initial pour was bright golden but soon went to a hazy yellow color. There is an obvious citrus aroma with hints of spice and coriander. The obvious citrus smell is due to Shock Top being brewed with orange, lemon and lime peels. I thought that immediately I tasted citrus with a dominant orange and lemon taste. I found that the spice was hard to detect but overall it was light and went down very smooth.

I think during the spring and summer seasons I could put back a couple of these for sure. It is drinkable, but overall the  excitement of the initial aroma faded with a slightly watered down taste.