Make your own CoCo’s Curry

One thing I really miss about living in Japan is the curry. Not to mention, one of my favorite places to eat curry was CoCo’s Curry. I think I must have had curry at least once a week for three years. I had quite to the belly to prove it too!

Well, since moving here to England I have been looking for ways to get my hands on some CoCo’s curry. Luckily my sister still lives there and she got me some of the curry-in-a-box type deals that they sell at CoCo’s restaurants. I had her send me about twenty boxes of the beef curry and I think she might be sending more soon. I know they had them in Okinawa for sale somewhere in the front when you first walk in. If you are really curious about it, just ask someone that works there and hopefully they can hook you up.

The whole process only takes only a couple minutes, if you don’t count the time it takes to make some rice. I usually go with some short or medium grain sticky rice to make the moment taste like the “real deal”. The curry comes in a bag that you can either empty into a microwaveable safe container or you can just put the bag in some hot water on the stove. I usually microwave it and it takes roughly two minutes.

Let me just say this about the end result…it is awesome! It is not quite that same curry that I love and miss, but it is far better than I imagined it to be. I would say that it is better than the actual CoCo’s Curry I had when I was in Hawaii. I sometimes cook a chicken patty and add it to the mix so I can pretend I am having Chicken Katsu Curry, haha.

If anyone reading this knows of a place to order this online, please leave a comment and let me know. I would literally kill a man for some real CoCo’s Curry. Well, maybe not kill someone but you get the idea. So, if you know someone living in Japan and you need your fix too, just have them send you some curry in a box from CoCo’s.